Artist Statement

Cara Jung's abstract sculptures begin as a complex vocabulary of clay parts. Cara works intuitively, combining rounded and bulbous shapes that  Most parts are rounded, bulbous and feel intimate in nature. meld together the physical characteristics of a variety of animals together with human elements and personality. . Rounded and bulbous and evolve  often have a ridiculous or indecent essence- and that is what keeps it fun.  Cara creates biomorphic ceramic sculptures that are inspired by a variety of animals. She's especially drawn to birds, mollusks and microscopic animals like tardigrades.  

About Cara

Pronouns: she/her

Location: Whidbey Island, WA

Studio: Whidbey Clay Center

Whidbey Clay Center

I am now the proud owner of this Freeland, WA ceramics studio- and it's filled with so many clay up-and-comers! Come check us out

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